LEGO Miniature Collectibles: Homes
How to build a LEGO Miniature Home

Do you love collecting miniatures and building LEGO constructions? Here are some concepts to get you started creating your own miniature homes. 

If you don’t have your own LEGOs, don’t worry! LEGO provides a tool called LEGO Digital Designer for free which is downloadable at

  1. Begin with a window frame 1x2x2 2/3 piece. This is going to be the door to your house and sets the ratio by which the rest of your model is scaled.

  2. Pick a base plate for the approximate width and depth of your creation. A green Plate 4x6 is a good size with which to begin.

  3. Windows will be composed of translucent Flat Tile 1x1 pieces and Angular Brick 1x1 pieces.

  4. A turret can be built by stacking Brick 16 w. Cross blocks.

  5. Roof tiles can be placed individually as Roof Tile 1x1x2/3, PC pieces. A Plate 1x1 is shown here for size comparison.

Those are the basic guidelines of designing your own miniature home. Enjoy!

If you want to see these sets sold by LEGO, then don’t forget to vote for the LEGO Miniature Collectibles: Homes project at

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